Berlins electronic vinyl market


Save your Spot

The Vinyl Market is back for round two after last year's smashing success. This is your chance to score your spot for the event on 3rd of June 2023.

Please write us briefly if you represent a record label, a record store, if you are selling a private collection, dj gear and tools or if you have any other involvement with vinyl records. It'll make our planning sesh all the more groovy.

So, if you're down to showcase your brand and get in on the action, hit us up to reserve your market stand. Space is limited, and we're only taking reservations while tables are up for grabs.

Table 25,00 EUR per table (L:220 x W:50 x H:77) & Bench (L:220 x W:25 x H:48)

17,50 EUR renting a listening station (shared with the neighbor table) You can also bring your own of course.

You have additional question? drop us a line.